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Pavers and Concrete

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Hi, I have a concrete slab attached to our drive way that is in very good shape. The only problem is that the slab has pulled away from the house over the last 20 years and consequently we now get water in our basement during heavy rains. I am looking to either tear out the slab and put in pavers and landscape away from the house a bit, or else I would like to put pavers over the existing slab and turn it into a front porch. My question is would putting pavers over the existing slab (and also over a layer of paving sand) help to stop the water from getting into the basement? This is not a high traffic area. Thanks!
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I don't know where you are calling from (and wish I didn't have to keep asking) but where I come from, this is a common occurance, relating IMO to compaction of the soil around your house at the time it was built. Normally thay don't spens a lot of time putting down the proper drainage for slabs nd just pour right onto the loose backfill; so with time a corner of the slab may sink.

Now where you are you might have a service in the YP called 'slab- jacking' and its a process of injecting mortar underneath the slab thereby raising it up where needed.

Consider that. I mean it really depends on the size of the slab, but for example 10'x4' walkway slab can easily be jacked in an afternoon...If you put paver on top of the slab, the extra weight may just make it worse. But once the slab level and true, the water into your basement can then be rectified.
Thanks CCarlisle! That is a great idea. I talked to my husband and he said that would be definitely be an option. I think he is still pretty set on tearing out the slab all together though. It is adjacent to the driveway, so our whole front yard is basically a giant expanse of concrete. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks!
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