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Paver Walkway Installation

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The walkway from our driveway to the front porch was just some flagstones laid on top of the grass. Never bothered us much since we primarily used the back door, but it was always awkward for guests, especially when wet out. The flagstones would spit out mud from the sides when you stepped on them, and our gradparents never looked very sure-footed using them. Also sort of a pain with the stroller.

Flagstones in place, playing with the layout and dimensions using two garden hoses.

I laid it out in CAD over a landscape plan we had made. This really helped with materials estimation. Total is ~160 square feet. I wanted the big curves at the entrance to sort of "guide" visitors coming up the driveway towards the front door.

Flagstones removed, and shovels in the ground. I hand dug everything. I set some stringlines at the finished walkway grade I wanted (slightly above the lawn level, and just a tad proud of the driveway where they meet. I pulled measurements off the stringlines pretty often to insure I was going deep enough . . . but not over-excavating.

All done digging. It took me roughly 8 hours to dig everything out, working alone. I got pretty lucky and had few roots or rocks to deal with. The white pipes are 4" SCH40 drainage lines from the back of the house to the curb. I added a smaller conduit with caps so if I ever want to run irrigation or electrical, I've got a clear shot under the walkway. I also had to cut a straight edge along the angled portion of the driveway. It was poured with almost an arc, which would have looked off against the pavers. I used a diamond blade on a circular saw to make the cut, since I only need a clean cut edge for the thickness of the pavers (~2-3/8").
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The base took about 4 hours with help from my father in law. Pretty typical construction:
-2 passes on the bare soil with a plate compactor.
-Lined the excavated area with woven geotextile fabric (not just "weed barrier".
-4" total thickness of crusher run, installed in ~1" lifts between passes with the plate compactor. Hand tamped in the smaller corners where the plate compactor couldn't get.

I installed a straight section of edging at a right angle to the driveway to define one edge of the path. The other side, and the curves, will go on once the pavers are laid.

Finally the fun part. The pavers we selected come 125 sq. ft. per pallet . . . and our project was 160 square feet. We lucked out and found a guy on craigslist selling a partial pallet leftover from his patio, in the same style and color we chose, at a deep discount. That saved us from having to buy two full pallets at full retail, and having a ton of overage.

Figuring out the 3-piece pattern.

First pavers going down, staring off the edge if the driveway and the stringline along my edging. I marked the curves using a stringline off a rebar pin at the arc centers. I am decided to do a soldier course border alone the outside edges.
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All the pavers were cut with a Harbor Freight wet saw. Worked great, and allowed me to work at a casual pace instead of trying to beat the clock on a rental. I split the cost with a co-worker, so the investment is pretty much paid off on this project.

About 1/3 finished. Edging installed on the first two curves. Once I hit the straight section it went pretty fast.

All pavers laid! I ended up re-doing the inside inside curve near the steps as a 90 degree corner, since I really struggled cutting things with the small radius. Still needs polymeric sand, final compaction, backfilling, and landscaping . . . but at least it's functional now!

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Nice project and nicely posted.
It would be even better if you could install concrete LED lights in it too, like here:
Very nice job. I am considering something similar for a driveway. What thickeness were the pavers? Locally I can get some 60mm four by eight for $2.50 per sq foot. I am not sure how thick of paver must be used for a driveway or what they should cost.
60 == 2.3622"

That is about the size I see being used. I've never done a drive but the real secret to all paver install is the well compacted base of the proper thickness.
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Nice job. Sounds like it should last forever.
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