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Paver sand process question

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While doing the sand process for pavers.
I see on you tube that people use 3/4 or 1 inch pipe on the edges. Load sand use 2x4 to scrape level.
Basic and dumb questions. Just trying to be prepared.
How do you keep the pipe from moving?
I have 26' pass. Do i use 2 8' long pipes?Once i get to 8 feet lift pipe up move on down?
Or do i need 26' of pipe length times 2?

Thank you
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The conduit shouldn't move, don't need to press down so hard on the screed to bite into it to make it move. I prefer a crisp edge 1x rather than a 2x4.

8' can work, just depends on the overall shape/size of the area and the pattern of pavers (e.g. some patterns want to lay out in a rainbow vs. a linear sidewalk). However you don't have to screed the entire length, just make sure when you slide it down you leave some overlap into the old sand (so slide it 6'). You should take the proper time to make your gravel base as consistent as possible, checking with a 4'+ level, which will minimize using sand to fill/cut low/high spots. Recheck sections of pavers as you go.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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