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Patterned Concrete Peeling

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We used Varathane Polyurethane over a pattern we painted with epoxy paint on our bare concrete floors. We cleaned the floors first with Bean-e-doo mastic remover then with citrus based degreaser then with just water several times before painting the pattern in epoxy paint. We coated the floor with 6 coats of the polyurethane and it's been 6 days since the floor was finished. Today we applied painters tape to protect the floor edges while we painted the walls. Both the epoxy and polyurethane are pealing up with the tape as if they didn't stick to the bare concrete. Is there anything we can do to stop the floors from peeling at this point & make it adhere to the concrete?


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Little late now but rule #1 when redo a room.
Start at the top and work down, floors always come last.
Now all that sanding dust, drywall compound, primer and paint are going to be dripping on the finished floor.
No way would I have polyed over epoxy paint.
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