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Patio Screens

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My home has wooden frame patio screens. They have a routed groove at the center of each inside edge of the 1-1/8" frame and use spline. I have found replacing screens to be very difficult, especially at the corners, and have been searching for a way to convert them to removable panel screens. Five of the screens are nearly 5 feet tall, 4 of these are about 38" wide; another five are various sizes and shapes.

One thought I have had is to rout the wood between the groove and the inside face of the frame and install as in the olden days - staples and 1/4 round.

Any suggestions or hints on (1) replacing the screen/spline more easily or (2) converting the wood frames to accept the make-it-yourself vinyl or aluminum framing?

Thanks, Jim
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Screen-tite or Screeneze, Available at home stores, lumberyards.
ScreenEze, maybe. But you still have to use spline with Screen-Tite, don't you?
You have to use spline with screetite, but once installed, the screen stays tight for a very long time. I have jobs I did years ago that are still tight. And replacing damages screens is easier. There seems to be fewer damge problems with birds flying into the screens, something my old screens had.
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