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I need some advice on building a free standing patio cover. I built a 16' x 16' free standing deck. I've got 3-4x6 on the end that I left random. I'm going to put 4-4x6 against the home. I am going on each side of the patio door and the edge of the deck. I planned on notching the tops for 2x6's, using these as the ledger boards. I also planned on using 2x6x16 for the rafters 16" on center using joist hangers at the house and screwing them into the header at the other end. I then will attach 1x4's to the top and use metal sheeting to finish it off. I live in the south, so we really don't see a lot of snow. I was wanting to see if this was the right way to build this patio cover.
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