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Hi All,

So I have this section walkway that I tore up and decided I want a stone patio there. I need some design advice because I dont have any experience with retaining walls.

So first off heres the overview of the work area. The area in the red is what i am tearing out.(I am keeping my dog :)). Getting rid of all those 6x6 pt boards.

I want to level out this bottom section

So heres the first question is once the bottom section is leveled, can the retaining wall be build on top of it? The wall height will be about 2' - 3'.

Here is where the wall will go to support the patio on top.

Its a square area approx 10' x 10'.

Second question: how do I work the wall around this fence, my idea is just build the wall like an L shape.

Once the wall is in place how much depth of gravel should i put in for this situation.

The patio will stop at the wood steps above, where the hammer is.

Any advice & ideas is welcome.
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