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Patio Base dilema

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Hi All,

I have started to plan a 20x20 foot cobblestone patio to replace the deck that I have already torn out due to wood rot.

We are still not quite sure which paver we will eventually go with but for now, I'd like to get the base in so it has time to settle.The other reason I'd like to get the base in asap is our yard slopes slightly into our house which I hope to correct.

So, my backyard faces west and the drainage of yard funnels water between my house and neighbors on the north side. That said, I should end up with slope east to west (away from the house @ 2inches per 8 feet) and a slope south to north (again 2 inches per 8 feet)

1. To maintain the required slope, I need to build up the area close to the house as much as 7 inches in some places. Do I need to build some kind of retaining wall? Frame in the base?

2. To keep the drainage running to the west and north, is my assumptions for the east/west slope and south north slope alright? What should be the diagonal slope? Should I make the east to west slope on the south side slightly less (1 inch or 1.5 inches per 8 feet)?

Other than that, everything seems pretty straight forward. Any suggestions, opinions on whether I need to frame in/build a retaining wall for the base and some slope suggestions would be great. Also, I already decide to trench out a french drain for between the houses to assist drainage to the street.

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Careful of building dirt up, I thought it needs 6-8inches of foundation exposure to keep ants away(?).
It's always better to plan out the walkways and major plantings(trees) before digging.
Thanks. Actually, the build up would put the base very close to where stucco begins (just 2 inches below the stucco line). Is that a problem? If so, what can I do to achieve the recommended slope while still keeping the build up 8 inches from the stucco line?
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