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Patching vinyl siding to "repair" small holes

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Our house (about 5 yrs old) has vinyl siding, in good condition, except there are 2 spots where there are holes in a piece of siding. Each hole is no larger than the palm of my hand. Both of them are in pieces either right at the bottom of a wall or one piece up. There is also a hole about the same size in the outside corner piece near one of the holes in the wall piece.

I've found videos on youtube etc, showing how to remove the siding and install new pieces. I've got a zip tool. But I do not think that either piece of siding above the ones I need to repair has enough "give" or flexibility that I'll be able to pull it out far enough even if I unhook it from the piece below.

In one case, there is a 110v outlet and covered box in the piece above the one I need to repair, right over the spot I need to repair in the lower piece. And both pieces are so close to a corner I'm afraid the upper one just won't move out far enough.

In the other case, the hole is where a former heat pump wiring and tubing penetrated the house. The wiring and piping for the new heat pump is right in front of both pieces, the one I need to repair and the one right above it.

My idea is to cut a piece of new siding and glue it over the holes with polyurethane construction adhesive. I found that technique in a This Old House video on how to repair holes in the vertical corner pieces, so it appears to be an acceptable technique. I'll repair the vertical corner piece that way anyway.

My perfectionist wife, however, wants it "done right". She is concerned that patching the siding (not the corner piece) won't work. She's concerned the new piece will stick out so far from the one it's glued to that it'll look ugly or "unprofessional".

I need opinions please, on what I propose to do.
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I'd be concerned about color differences between 5 yr. old and new siding more than a lap seam showing.
Even different batches of the same siding can be different! (Experience proves this.)
If you can pull a used piece from a spot that you can replace with new and not notice the color difference as easily, that would probably be best too.
Your idea makes the most sense to me, but, as always, photos of the problem area(s) would help.


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Id reside the house with Lp or fiber cement. That will get her off your back.:laughing:

Cut a couple cedar blocks, get some jchannel and cut out the siding to accept the blocks. Make the blocks the same size as the blocks your hose bibs or electrical outlets are on. Trim the blocks with the channel and paint the blocks to match siding. This is the only thing that will look like there there for a reason not just a patch job. The corner you are going to have to patch.
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