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Patching plaster in bathroom

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Hi everyone,
Thanks for being here. My bathroom has laminate panels installed as wainscoating on all walls to about 4 feet and also as a tub surround. The house was built around 1955 and has gypsum board lath and plaster on the walls.

Next month I'll be tiling a new tub surround. In preparation for that and a new vanity, medicine cabinets and paint I began removing the laminate wainscoating adjacent to the shower wet wall. I knew I would be doing a lot of plaster patching. I plan to use a drywall setting compound (easy sand 45). The wall in question has an outside window in addition to the shower head so I wasn't surprised to find so much water damage under the laminate wall panel that the plaster was soggy and falling apart and all nails were rusted. Termites have eaten a few studs too, so on that wall, at least I'll strip the plaster off to the ceiling. Now, when I got to the first inside corner, I had hoped to preserve the plaster from that point on. At the corner the plaster and lath flaked off to the backer paper and moving past that the plaster flaked off the lath.

I have attached three photos, a wide view and a couple of close ups. My question is, can I acheive good results on that corner by sticking mesh tape over the exposed backer paper and covering with a few coats of easy sand? Is the exposed lath going to be damaged by a few days or weeks exposure to bathroom air and vapor? Due to time, money, and the fact that we are a one bathroom household I would prefer not to gut the room and drywall everything, but if thats what it takes thats the way I'll go.

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If you're saying this plaster is in the tub/shower area, you should replace it with cement board and a waterproofing material. If this is outside, from the extent of damage I see from the photos, I would replace that also.
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