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Patching old horsehair plaster

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I am restoring an old 1850s home and am saving some of the plaster walls that are plastered directly on my 18" thick brick walls. What should I use? Plaster of Paris and then sand it down? I don't know what the best product would be. I won't shave my horses and do it the way they used to :) ha. Please provide your suggestions especially if you have had experience! Thanks
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For small areas, I use drywall compund. For larger areas, I use gauging plaster. Something like Gold Bond Super White. That assumes that the brown coat is intact. If not you need to put that down first and allow about an 1/8" for your finish coat. Plasterers are a dying breed. Finding real plaster can be a challenge sometimes. Since plaster for the past 70 years or more has been gypsum based, they haven't been shaving horses, so your hay burner is safe. :wink:
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