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I had a plan to deal with this room, but now I am not sure

The whole bathroom is being redone. It has had a serious ventilation and mold problem in the past

The whole room sticks out of the side of the house about 8 feet. I had thought that the roof was a vented cathedral with a soffit and ridge vent. The outside of the roof sure looks like it has a roof vent

The old insulation came down today and lo and behold there is no ridge gap for the vent to work properly. The plywood is right up against the header. There are two measly Insulation dams near the soffit vent which seem quite useless

My original plan was to pack the whole 12 Inch cavity with rockwool, then use a polyethylene vapor barrier and acoustic sealant to keep the bathroom moisture in the bathroom and have everything dry to the outside. Does this still make sense if there is no ridge vent?

Some pictures below. First is overall view. Second shows soffit vent. Third is up near the header showing no vent gap

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