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Part of porch foundation sunk years ago

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Hi everyone. My house was built in 1963 and the back porch added sometime in the 70s. A section of the foundation sunk and pushed outward. I have a couple ideas on how to tackle it but I thought I'd ask the group. I've been in the house since 2003 and it hasn't moved anymore since. I might have shifted decades ago. I'll post a link. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Brian
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Here's a video I made today.
Maybe when you get down to good blocks, Just level the tops with concrete to match the other side and then rebuild the block wall


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Thank you. Once I get the blocks removed, I'm going to see if I can simply set them in deeper to match the good (left) side of the foundation. If I can't, I'm thinking I'll brick it up and then go over it with a thick stucco coat so everything looks straight.

On a side note, I'm surprised the porch floor didn't break. It's about 4" thick, but under that section on the left, there is a 12" gap under the concrete floor before it hits dirt, so there's nothing supporting that section.
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