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Part identification for Honeywell VR8204H1006

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I have a Honeywell VR8204H1006 Intermittent Pilot Gas Valve on a Utica Boiler that is not firing (no spark) while the circulation pump, vent damper is all working.

I narrowed it down to this little part shown in the photo that is connected to the electrical circuit of the gas valve and sits at the edge of the combustion chamber and I'm having trouble identifying it. There's a little button/relay in the middle of the two electrical connections and when I press it in (I can hear a little click), the boiler fires up within 5 seconds and all is good...for a couple hours...then I see that the boiler is no longer heating, even though the pump is still circulating water to my zones. And when I click the little button in, all is good again.

My assumption is that this part is failing and a simple replacement will do the trick. Can someone help me identify it and where I can buy one? Thanks - Matt
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The rollout is likely doing its job and simply replacing the part will not fix the problem.
Something to keep in mind, the part that appears to be the problem may not be the problem at all. It could a result of the real problem.
Your spill switch may have had issues because of repeated trips. I would have the draft checked and boiler inspected just to be sure.
X2 on the above comment on CO detectors.
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