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Parasitic draw

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2003 Silverado has a draw that is .75 amps to the alternator from the battery when everything is turned off. If I unplug the alternator from the harness the draw stops and it drops to zero. I also have a battery indicated on the cluster that stays on, as well as the PRNDL. Not sure if they are related but both still happen when the other is unplugged. What will cause this and should my next step be sending the cluster in for repair? Also I have already reflowed the solder on the cluster resisters.
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Right, I know it's not needed when truck is off. That is the problem. It's still calling for the alternator to be on and with an internal relay being the problem it would still happen with the 4 pin connector unplugged, but when it is the draw stops so I am trying to figure out what would be trying to turn it on with everything off.
Pull relays until you find one that turns off the light on the dash.

What ever is operating those lights might be the guilty guy.

Years ago and maybe still is, was part of the ignition switch.
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