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Paper tape over mesh

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New member here with a quick question...
So i did the unthinkable and used mesh tape for inside corners "first coat".. well after reading into it i found paper is usually the go to for inside corners, question is can i just go over my already laid mesh tape with paper as a second coat?
thanks in advance,
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Yes you could if you have only put on the first coat. But I don't think it would be a good idea because the mesh makes the corners round. To add the paper over top may not give yu the nice share corners. If you have only applied the one coat of mud I think I would pull off the old tape and start over.
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awesome, thanks for the quick response!
Are you aware that mesh tape should only be used with setting type mud and not premixed?
Using sheetrock all-purpose (green lid)
Ditch the mesh tape and go with all paper.The joints will crack using mesh tape and green lid.
thanks for the heads up. luckily im not into deep yet
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