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I've a Staples' Mail Mate paper shredder that stopped auto-detecting any paper put into it, then it stopped shredding unless I held down a button, and now will only work in reverse (to shred I have to hold down reverse button). Not very convenient.
It works well except for turning it off and on.
Nothing obviously toasted on the circuit board and fuse ok.

I'd like to bypass all the "features" that didn't really work too well (at all over time) and just put an on-off toggle switch on it.
The drive motor (a Pu-teng motor, ef-4435m12, 120v/60hz arrrow DC) has 4 wires: two blue, a red, and a black (all 22 g).
Any suggestions on how to wire it up? Not sure if it is 120v AC or DC (circuit board has a rectifier on it I believe) and don't want to let the smoke out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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