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Panel Upgrade to 200A

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Hello Guys,

I'm doing the following upgrade:
Currently there is a 100A main panel on the outside of my house which holds a handful of breakers feeding the whole house.

I already installed a new Main lug sub panel inside the house which feeds most of the inside.

I am now looking at buying a Main load center/meter socket panel combo for outside which will feed the panel inside using 2/0-3 #1 SER cable and a 125 or 150A breaker. The mains will run right into this panel from the roof.

I wanted a compact panel for outside to keep the footprint low, containing the meter socket and the breaker for feeding the inside plus potential other things on the outside. I picked the following panel:
Murray/Siemens JA0816B1200T

I now noticed the statement "Suitable Only For Use As
Service Equipment" and I wasn't exactly sure what this means.
and also "Only single pole circuit breakers rated
greater than 30 amps may be used to
comply with Lighting and Appliance
Panelboard requirements."

Will there be any restrictions that will apply in my case?

From the panel I wanted to feed:
-the subpanel on the inside of the house (125-150A)
-an AC unit which is located on the outside, close to the new panel's location (15-20A)
-a dual pole circuit for connecting a solar system

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