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panel codes

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A friend recently asked me to build him some cabinets and a wet bar in his basement that was recently renovated. I went to visit and found what I think are a few problems. 1). Where the sink is to go in the bar there is the breaker panel about 2 feet above.Can you enclose the panel to meet code???? 2) In the past with building bars in the basement I've anchored the base for studiness, but in this case he has put a heated tile floor,which eliminates that approach. How can the bar be fastened?? ( I'm thinking PL 400 or adhesive of some sort) Thanks for your input.

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Yes, I am not sure of what the Canadian Building Codes may say, but the concept behind this particular code, is to allow an averaged size "fireman" to be able to fit into the space, in order to perform an emergency shut-off of the home's electrical system, were that need to occur. Thus, the panel cannot be re-stricted, or blocked and requires a minimum area (per code stipulation), around it.
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