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So I have some wood that I plan to stain and then paint onto it. The types of paints I have is a latex paint and acrylic paint. I know acrylic is the typical paint you would want to use on wood but you can use latex.

When it comes to the order to put it on, would you want to put the stain on first or put the paint on first? Everywhere I read online says to put paint down then the stain, as it can help seal the latex paint to the wood so it don't peel. But wouldn't the stain change the color of the paint? But if I put the paint on second, whats the chances it don't seal properly to the wood?
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Confusing post.
You never use any stain when your painting.
Two totaly differant products.
What is it your trying to do stain it or paint it.
If it's paint then you prime it then two coats of finish paint.
Use acrilic latex.
Taking a piece of wood, painting a saying on it and then putting a stain over it because I don't like the color of the wood.
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