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I want to paint the exterior of my brick house. i know alot of you are in awe, but realy it is just the old boring solid crappy red brick, its ugly for real! my house is the only house on the block with the red brick, everyone elses is colorful prett brick. anyhow , is it possible and what do i need to do and what kind of paint is best ? thank you.
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I hate to hear anyone say they want to paint's a job......but, it can be done. First, clean the brick and mortar......wire brush, compressed air, gentle pressure wash........whatever way is comfortable for you. Repair (tuck point) any missing/damaged mortar joints. Let everything dry. Sometimes you have to let new mortar dry for several weeks before applying any paint. I would use Loxon Primer from Sherwin-Williams as it is specially formulated for masonry. Then you can topcoat with any latex paint you like. I prefer SuperPaint from SW. They also make a masonry topcoat, but, it is rather pricey. Brush, roll, spray......whatever works best for you. I prefer rolling and back brushing on brick. Best of luck with your project. It's a BIG one.
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