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Painting Vinyl Asbestos Tile?

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Good evening, I've been in this section a couple times so pardon me. My plan was to cover the vinyl asbestos tile with another type of flooring but due to finances I am restricted from doing that. The cheapest solution I have thought of is to paint over the VAT. Just either stencil or design. Would it be acceptable to do this? It is a temp solution.

Oil based primer, then oil/latex paint, then seal? I don't see any issue other than it being an undesirable solution.

Thank you
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Why do you think you have to do anything until you have the money to cover it?
Unless your cutting it and causing air born dust it's not doing any harm.
I'm aware it's no real harm, it's just hideous. It looks like an old hospital or cafeteria.
If you think it will look better that what's there now, go ahead and do it, your the one that has to live with it.
Make sure you use a paint specifically designed to handle wear and tear from foot traffic. Vinyl is smooth, so it's not exactly a great surface for paint to adhere to, and some manufacturers recommend you sand the surface for better adhesion, but that's exactly what you want to avoid so hopefully a primer will do the trick. I agree with an oil based primer and paint. Do you have an inconspicuous spot you can test?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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