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Hi and thanks in advance.

We are now at the point where the new interior doors and door trim/baseboards are ready to be installed which has me probably overthinking this again ...

Both trim and bboards are a very plain style, basically a 3/4x3.5" for the doors and 3/4x5" for the baseboards..

Most of the companies I have talked to have told me the door trim is always slightly thicker (3/4) than the baseboards (1/2) so that the baseboards have something to end at without sticking out? Is this pretty standard as we wanted it all to be flush?

Regarding paint:

I have had one guy tell me he will take the doors, jambs and all trim to his shop, prime and spray then install and touchup as needed. He actually takes the door stop off in order to put the screws there at install then puts back on to hide all screw holes..

Another guy told me to get the doors installed and he will spray the doors onsite in a garage tent and handpaint all trim and baseboards before installation in the garage as well.. All the doors are 1 3/4 and weigh 100 puonds .. his comment was there is no way to prepaint the door and jamb without nicking it during install ..

Is there a preference here? Spraying seems to be a cleaner look but we will (with dogs, etc) eventually have to touch up with a brush down the road which would obviously not match the original spraying.

The brush guy told me unless you are 10" away and actually looking for brushstrokes, you will never see them when he is done and is just finishing a new construction home in the area I am welcome to go look at ...

Everything will be satin white if that matters..

If we go the handpaint route ... can someone recommend a paint I should have the painter consider ? We have all the paint comanies for the most part (orange county, ca.)

Thanks and any advice is appreciated.

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All the systems CAN work if they are good at it.

Painting is about systems, and there is more than one way to do things.
As far as paint choices- first listen to your painter and have him explain his choices and why. Once again- systems.

The only comment about procedure I have is that trim needs to be caulked and nail holes filled after installation- so they can't be completely done off.
At least one coat will need to be done after the filling , and are the sprayers going to do that by hand- in which case the final coat will still be brushed no matter what system.

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Fair enough and thats what I would have thought..

Do you agree with the statement that a good painter can virtually eliminate brushstrokes unless you are actually up close trying to find them?


I will know they are there but pretty much any guest who comes to our house will not notice them...


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Whatever method of application is chosen, there are going to indications of it, including brush marks. Brush marks in themselves are not a crime. Brush marks can be a crime when they're fish tailed, wavy, cross grained, or when the verticals cross into the horizontals and vice versa.
Some paints have better leveling than others. Some brushes leave less than others. Some paints, with a bit of water added, will level better than the same paint w/out H2O. A good painter will understand each of these situations, correct what he can, and manage what remains, what he can't eliminate. The brush guy told you he has a place you can go see his work. I recommend you go there and examine his work for yourself and see if the results meet your expectations. That's far better than anything we can tell you.
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