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Painting Textures onto Accessible Ramps

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Hi all,

I am brand new here and was hoping for some insights on some design challenges I have been having. I'm currently designing some immersive environments that have some accessibility features built into it. I have a wooden ramp that eventually will be painted to make it look like a cobblestone road and will be heavily used. I intend on painting it to look textured with a stencil and then put a clear coat over it. I am trying to look for a non-slip clear coat that may work but I am not seeing any projects that were similar in scope to this. Does anyone know of any clear coated non slip that would work for wood? Would I be better off getting different shades of grey non stick paint?
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Have the store add sand to the clear coat, in a mixer.

You decide how much grip you want.

Not playground sand. A paint store will have "grit" that is made for that purpose.


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Grit added to paint works well BUT in the high traffic areas it's short lived as it will wear away.
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