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Painting over Textured walls

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I have a standard orange peel textured walls, out in California, lots of crevices. With builders crappy chalky paint.

I'd like to properly re-paint the room for my son's big boy room, I plan on using the BM - Natura paint (no VOC).

1. Should I prime it?
2. Recommendations on the right nap height for rollers
3. Types of brushes
4. General painting techniques for rolling and cutting in

All tips, suggestions and support are welcomed.
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Thanks Slickshift and Dana.
All this info was great and I really feel like I can accomplish this job.

Currently the walls are beige and I plan on painting them a light blue, so my gut feeling is that a standard white primer will be ok. I do plan on sticking to the BM Natura line since its not stinky.

Slickshift, your explanations are great, I might suggest you post this in the How To Guides.
Thanks Slickshift

Slickshift...thanks for all your advice it was excellent and right on.
I couldn't be happier with the results I got.
BM tinted the Natura primer to match the final coat and I'm overjoyed with the final outcome.
Natura was stink free and super easy to use for a diy'er.

Now comes tackling the numerous stripes I want to place around the room.

Thanks again:thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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