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painting over crazed emulsion?

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I wish to paint a bathroom wall, but have discovered that it has been emulsioned over wallpaper paste by a previous owner resulting in crazing .
I have been advised to either rub the wall down with very hot water and a wet/dry sanding block, or use a steamer to remove the crazed paint. I've tried the latter which does work very, very slowly.
Can anyone suggest an easier method of clearing the crazed paint please?
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Note to everyone- this is why you clean the paste off and prime with Gardz or oil before painting..

Bummer. Here's something to try. Get it real wet, cut a section , maybe 3-4' of thin painters poly and let it cover the wall. Use a rag to press it on, the poly will want to stick to wet hands.
let it soak in for a while and then pull 1 section off and using a 4" scraper instead of sand paper remove the glue.
Chances are once you get as much as you can off, you will need to reseal with the suggested products above, then skim with taping compound, sand smooth, reprime and then paint.
This would give you the best results I think.
Painting over crazed emulsion

For Brushjockey. Thank you, would it be possible to paper over the crazed wall??
Anything is possible. If the paper lays pretty smooth, texture will read through it and you will see it. So same procedure to rehang. Some papers hide better than others.
I always prime with gardz on any wall that I hang, problem or not. Then I know the wall is sealed right .
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