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painting over breaker box, electrical meter, and wires

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I am painting a basement and there is a breaker box and electrical meter on the wall. Coming out of the breaker box and going into the ceiling are white electrical wires that power the upstairs outlets, lights, etc. These are not in any kind of conduit. The wires just travel upward from the breaker box into the ceiling for about 2 feet.

Is it safe and legal per the electrical code to paint over everything? I would like to paint the cover of the breaker box, the metal part of the meter box (ie not the round clear window), and the wires going from the breaker box into the ceiling.

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I can't speak as to code worthiness, but for eons people have been painting entrance cables to their houses without concern. NOW, the meter base and meter don't belong to you, so I wouldn't paint them. They belong to the power company and they may get red cheeks if you painted them.
I've painted 100s of meter boxes on the exterior. Never heard of any complaints from the POCO. Because the breaker box will be opened from time to time it would be best to paint it with an enamel that matches the wall color.
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