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Painting of a bathroom door

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Hi all,

I want to paint a part of the bathroom door and the frame. The toilet is very small and when taking a shower, part of the water is going at the door and makes it wet. This is the only bathroom and toilet at the property.

The old paint started cracking and I think it is a good idea to paint it before too much damage is done. I do not have much experience with painting.

My concern is that the water got into the paint cracks into the tree, and then, if I sand the door and paint over it, the paint in some time will form bubbles and cracks.

Is there any faster method of drying the tree after sanding? Maybe with a hairdryer? :)

Any other advice is welcome


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I'd sand it down well and let it dry. Then prime any bare wood, caulk the cracks and apply a coat or two of enamel.
Thanks Mark,

How long do you think it needs to dry?
That depends on how wet it is. The wood will be darker when wet, lighter in color when dry.
Great. How long does it usually take to dry off? I know it depends on how wet it is, but just an estimate or a range would help me.
The problem is - I cannot wait for more then 2 days.
After you get it cleaned up and ready for primer if it looks damp using a hair dryer should speed up the drying process. Even a fan blowing on it will help.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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