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Painting Molding - High Density Foam Roller?

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I'm painting some Home Depot molding that has some "grooves" in the design
(tonight after work) and I don't want to end up having "paint brush lines", so do you think I can get away with using one of these Home Depot High Density Foam rollers? Below are some photos of the type of molding design I am referring to. Thanks! :biggrin2:
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First make sure you clean and prime the wood properly. Then use a high quality paint, add paint conditioner (floetrol) and use a 100% nylon brush (like this from Purdy). The bristles are very soft which helps reduce brush marks. The floetrol will help the paint not dry as quickly so your less likely to overwork the paint (i.e. when you brush over paint that's is a little tacky it will leave brush marks). It also helps the paint level.

Good luck!
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