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Painting metal front door

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Hi everyone, thanks as always in advance for all your help.

I have a newer metal front door (primed white from the factory) but never painted. There is no rust. I painted the inside of the door very carefully with brush and it came out pretty smooth (using SW pro classic which levels very nicely).

On the outside of the door I'm using a teal color and SW Resilience exterior latex. Brush marks are a little more obvious on the outside. What would be the best way to apply the second coat to try and create a smoother appearance?
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What kind of brush are you using? Your not going to be able to brush a door without leaving SOME brush marks. Sand after the first coat with 220, get you a good brush( I use a 3 in. Purdy xl sprig) Thin just a little if you need to and lay it off as smooth as you can.Latex is harder to use because it dries so much faster.You really have to move along at a pretty good pace to keep it from lapping. would help but just enough that it flows well.I personally have never rolled a door so I don't know how it will turn out.I have rolled them and brushed them out,but never let a rolled finish on a door.Good luck.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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