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painting kitchen

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I'm going to be painting my kitchen. Right now, I'm filling holes and sanding the walls. The old paint is semi gloss. My question is, after sanding and cleaning, can I put semi-gloss on top of that? I've always changed from semi-gloss to an eggshell finish, but since this is the kitchen...

I'm also wondering that perhaps I should only use semi-gloss on the backsplash area. Either way, is the paint that contains primer in it, be a decent alternative to buying gallons of primer?
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As noted above there shouldn't be any problems with apply a decent latex enamel over latex enamel - no primer needed BUT the repairs should be primed. While a dedicated primer is best you can often get away with spot priming those areas with the finish paint.

Primer in the paint is basically just a marketing ploy.
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