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Painting Kitchen cabnits

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I have cabnits that are oak looking and some part is laminated how do I do that I want an updated look what do ya'll suggest and how do I do this.
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I just painted my cabinets. I bought a good oil base primer and a good oil based topcoat from sherwin williams. Oil is a little harder to work with than latex but it will hold up better. You will need to sand your cabinets good and make sure you get all the oil and grease off. The better the prep work the better the job will turn out and more importantly hold up to the kitchen invironment. I would go to a paint store, not home depot or lowes and talk to someone there. The people at a true paint store are usually pretty knowledgable and can help you out. Don't be afraid to spend a little more money on quality paint that will last longer than cheap stuff.

One problem I ran into was roller marks on the cabinets. After getting some advice on this forum I ended up using penetrol which helped to get rid of roller marks by leveling it and also used a foam roller. The foam left alot fewer marks than a nap roller. Good luck
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