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Painting interior of house (another thread)

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I've a rental that I will be painting the entire interior. I will also be replacing all the flooring after painting.

I will be paying professionals to remove the popcorn ceiling, float and texture. I will then remove all carpet, vinyl and tile. At this point I think I'll be ready to paint.

Ceilings and walls will be the same off white in an eggshell or satin not sure which, but I'd like the trim to be high gloss.

I've have a paint sprayer that I've used before successfully, but it was not the entire house.

Here is what I'd like to do:

I'll mask all windows, fixtures, cabinets, etc.

spray trim, doors (alkyd paint) high gloss white. My thinking is the over spray on the floors and walls wont hurt anything and that alkyd gives a nicer more durable washable finish than latex.

mask trim. How long should I wait for the trim to dry so the tape does not mar the paint?

prime ceilings
spray ceilings and walls.

have flooring guys install new tile, carpet.

Does this sound like a good idea? I'm leaning towards a Sherwin Williams paint, either ProMar200 or SuperPaint. Is Duration Home worth the extra $$s?

Comments please,
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Thanks for the replies.

I think the paint on it right now is eggshell, any issues just painting over that with flat?

I was hoping to spray the trim, cover it with plastic, prime the ceilings, then go back and paint the ceiling/walls hoping the trim would be dry enough for taping. Sounds like if I use the latex on the trim and wait a couple days, it won't be cured enough to tape for spraying the ceiling and walls?

So at that point I could spray the ceilings, then roll the walls.

I've never used a spray shield. I assume it is just a big piece of cardboard or something to block the over spray on to the trim? Not sure I would be comfortable with this :)

I just got back from Sherwin Williams and was not impressed at all. I knew more about painting than the 18 year old kid at the register and the other guys would not come out of the office to help him. This is pretty much how it has always been at this store. I'll go to another store in town and see if I get better help.

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If I spray the trim with a satin or semi-gloss and get over spray on the wall, will the sheen affect the flat wall paint when I roll it on?

Basically will a flat paint cover a semi-gloss paint or do I need to prep the overspray from the trim before painting the walls.

I have no flooring in the house so I thought I could spray the trim, cover, spray the ceilings, then roll the walls, but do I have to mask the walls prior to spraying the trim.

Hope that made sense.

Just got back from Benjamin Moore. I figured if SW did not want to talk to me, I'd go somewhere else.

I bought Super Spec Eggshell paint for the walls and ceiling and semi-gloss for trim. Also got primer as I don't know if all the trim is latex or not. He said this would cover it for me.

I'm going to prime the entire house, ceiling, walls, trim. The go for the paint. Hopefully this paint is good enough for a rental.

Next week is painting week so we'll see how it goes.

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