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painting fascia

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my fascia is white. I power washed it and need to repaint it. Do I need to sand it? The old paint (about 10 years old) was peeling off.
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Welcome, yes, you need to do full prep. Scrape away any loose, flaking paint. Then sand the entire surface with with 80 grit sandpaper, giving the areas that were exposed a little extra attention. Dust if off with an old paint brush. Prime any exposed wood and then finish with two coats. I like to light sand the primed areas, and after the first finish coat, with 150 or so grit prior to finishing. If you need to do any caulking, do it after primer.
Here you go with the paint brushes again Sheridan. :no: Wouldn't blowing it off with an air compressor save more time? :yes: LOL
I told you, the brush is the go to tool, even when they're old, they still have uses. Cut the handle off and they fit nicely in the back pocket, always within reach. :yes:
J pretty much nailed it, your topcoat will only be as good as the prep you put into it. It is easy to spend more time on prep than it does to apply the paint but it is necessary for a finish that will look good and last.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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