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Painting exterior porch floors

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Part of my exterior deck is painted t&g flooring (covered) and the new attached part is uncovered planking - the t&g was painted in the past with oil-based porch enamel and has held up great - it needs a fresh coat and the new part will also get painted to match - however, they no longer sell oil-based porch paint in gallons in PA anymore - has anyone tried the latex-based porch enamels? I cant imagine they are anywhere near as good - other than buying lots of quarts of oil-based paints are there any better solutions - just concerned because I cant imagine the latex-based paints are tough enough...
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Since I always used MAB paints and find it to be one of the best and you are in Pa. I would suggest going on line to MAB paints and check out their Sea Shore house paint which is an Acrylic Latex paint both for exterior and interior.

If you don't like what you see you can always contact them and ask them for some expertise advice.
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