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I'm new to this site. I have hopefully a simple question:

How long will it take to paint an exterior front door? I ordered the door with painted already but just received a letter from the HOA stating that the paint will need to be changed.

Also, how long will it take to paint 6 shutters? I can either paint the door myself and hire someone to paint the shutters or have that person paint everything.

Thank you.

John Doe
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It depends on your skill level and the tools you're using. A painting company should be able to have it done in a day (probably less), I would say. Doing it yourself will take longer unless you spray the shutters and door.

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Tiger, welcome to diychatroom. You need to provide more info. Your question raises the following in my mind.
What type of paint will the factory apply? Will it be a hard, glossy type enamel that would make me feel more comfortable first coating with a bonding primer?
Is it just a door slab, or is it a unit with sidelight(s)? Does the door itself have any lights (glass)?
How much detail does the door have?
Does it have tricky hardware that I'll have to remove/replace?
What do you want to paint it with, latex or oil? Oil means completion over two days.
Are they first floor second floor, what? Easily accessible, or will some require a forty foot ladder to access?
Are they hung (on the wall, :laughing:)?
Are they wood or stamped out vinyl? Paneled or louvred?
Are they new, or do they require washing?
I always prefer removal, as opposed to painting/cleaning them hanging? Do you have a shop area where I could lay out six shutters, or do I have to take them offsite?
On both projects there are other considerations, these are a few. The point is that whenever you ask questions about time/money for a particular task, even with pictures, there are many variables that come into play, including you and the perception the painter gets of you. Whenever I look at work, I size the owner up as well as the task. If you seem the kind of guy who's not going to be happy if every i is not dotted, I have to take that into consideration, and I know more time will be involved in making it just right. I ask people their opinion of work that looks fairly recent, and if they think it's great, and I think it's not, I know I don't have to be too anal. That consideration could, conversely, allow me to cut back on time, therefore money. There are just way too many variables.
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