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painting defective stone coated metal roof

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My Duraloc ( sold to Allmet in 2006 ) stone coated metal roof, like many others manufactured by this company is defective. The stone aggregate is coming off, and I have large areas of brown primer showing, that looks like rust. The roof does not leak. There is supposed to be a 50 yr. warranty, but Duraloc, now a shell numbered Ontario company, from what I am reading on the internet, and my own experience so far, apparently does not honour the 50 yr. warranty which is limited, and pro-rated. It puts the consumer in an almost impossible situation. You have a defective, ugly roof, and cannot afford to pay for repair or replacement, even if Duraloc does answer you, because they charge so much to do anything. $400.00 just to come and look at the problem. I got a lawyer, and he is looking into consumer protection law issues with this company, but I am thinking I may just have to have it painted. I am worried about damage to my expensive new seamless eavestrophing, and aluminum siding and vinyl on other parts of the house.

Does anyone have any suggestions for painting the galvanized metal with an aluminum zinc alloy ? If the brown primer is already there, is that an advantage for painting ?

I have talked to one painter who has done metal roofs on barns, but he is not sure about mine, and how to proceed.

This is a huge problem, and has taken away my peace of mind. Any help would be appreciated, and I hope all of you will be careful about ever choosing this kind of roofing. I wish I had selected something else.

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The existing materials may be an issue for adhesion of apaint or a new coating. My suggestion would be to skip paint and opt for a proper roof coating like maybe something like ER Systems Acrylic. It's very commonly used to coat panelized metal roofing.

What ever product you decide to use you can try a series of pull tests to see if the paint or coating will adhere to the existing. I would highly recommend a power wash first to remove any loose granuals or chalked primer.
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