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painting dark from light, how many primer coats?

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My walls are currently llama white, and a pale yellow. I'm wanting to change the color drastically to a deep bright navy. I've already used one coat of primer (blue) and was wondering however if I should do a second as the white still shines through? Also wondering if using a second coat of primer might limit the amounts of coats that I may have to do to reach the desired color?

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If you are tinting your primer, then yes, a second coat will make your top coat cover better.
In 30 + years in the business, one coat of primer and 2 finish coats have worked for me but if you want to do 4 coats, a second coat of primer will not hurt.:whistling2:
just use another coat

think of it this way ...

if you don't need another coat, it will save you $10-$40 and a few hours.

if you do need another primer coat, it will be a nightmare.

either way, it is just easier to put down another coat and not worry about it, especially if you didn't get the best primer.

the pro painter guys use better paint and primer.

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the pro painter guys use better paint and primer.:yes:

Maybe that is it. In my experience, only 1 coat of primer is ever needed, as 2 finish coats are always applied.
Blue pigment has pretty good hide, so you don't have to worry as much about coverage as you would with a deep green, or worse, deep red. But if you do want to use tinted primer, a grey tinted to be the same "brightness" as the final topcoat is better than color-tinted primer. (Black pigment has the best hide of all, so if you want to cover up the white, it does a much better job than color-tinted primer.)

More than one coat of primer - totally unnecessary. Using quality primer and paint - priceless.
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