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Painting Brick?

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I'm wondering about whether to paint my brick (external) or not. Before you get upset about me painting brick (Yes, I've read a lot about it!) let me explain. We have very cheap brick from the 50's, I've been told that it is actually called "brick block" not real brick. It has faded in the sun considerably as well and has gone from a nice deep red to an ugly pink color. So, I've thought about painting, but what color? Do I try to make it look like brick still? Do I go with a red? Do I go for white? Any suggestions would be very appreciated! Thanks!
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The color of your house is a big factor. I would probably choose white, but it may need two coats. The first coat should be with a masonry paint.

I'm looking at a paint called Loxon by Sherwin Williams. Supposedly it's a one coat solution. Any experiences? Also, my main concern is that I don't want it to look cheap, would white be the best color? A friend suggested that I go with a brick red, but I don't think that would look good, right? Thanks!
I have never tried it but what about concrete stain instead of paint? I would try a small area before you go down that path and see how it looks. I also would look for other solutions because painted stone, concrete, brick outdoors seems to be less than a 50/50 shot at holding up and after you paint it it is difficult to do anything else.

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