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Painting a deck

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I recently renovated my deck to replace all of the rotten wood and now I'm left with a deck that is painted half red and the other half is unpainted wood. I would like a nice dark brown stain but I think you would be able to see the different shades because of the red paint. What is the best method for striping paint off a deck? Or better yet, is there a solid stain that will evenly cover the red paint and natural wood?
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I have a question
Can we paint our new wooden deck rightaway
or we should wait for 2 to 3 years and then do it
Don't PAINT it, use a semi-transparent STAIN. If it's pressure treated pine, you may want to wait til next year to allow the moisture content to drop.........if it's cedar, or fir, or most any other type of wood, then, yes, stain it ASAP after you clean it.
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