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Painting 2year old basement concrete floor

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I am about to paint my basement floor, however have gotten several conflicting opinions on the exact procedure. The home was built in '06, and the basement has had little use. Other than the normal dust, and dirt that forms on the floor, there are no other type stains.

I was hoping I could get some clarifications on if I need to 'etch' the floor?

If I do, once that step is completed, do I nee to vacuum or can I use a power washer to clean the residue, and have it empty into the french drain?

We're new to home ownership, so any advise is welcome. Thank you.
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You have a few options depending on the look, durability, and how much work you want to put into this. If you use a latex floor paint - the easiest option - many of those products are self priming and acid etching isn't necessary in most cases. A good cleaning, powerwashing if possible, would be best. Most importantly, you want to make sure the floor is completely dry before painting. If you powerwash, I would wait a couple of days before even thinking about painting. A simple moisture test will tell you if the moisture content of the cement is too high - simply duct tape a piece of plastic about 2' square onto the floor. Let it sit overnight and the next day peel it off. If moisture/condensation builds up on the underside of the plastic the floor is still too wet.

If you decide to use an epoxy - more durable than the regular floor paint - than acid etching in most cases is necessary. Same procedures apply for cleaning and moisture testing. Stick to a waterborne epoxy as it will be much easier for you to use and have a longer pot life (working time). You could also look at other products like Roller Rock and spread rock if you want a little design - these are made by Daisch coatings and will give you a more decorative finish. Whatever you use, I would read the product directions and be sure to follow them - the specific product will tell you if acid etching is necessary and what prep steps to take.

Good luck!
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If I have some floor and porch paint left over... can I use that on drywall? It would be for an area of the basement that is not used or seen.
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