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Painted wine cabinet

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My grandson has requested that I build for him a wine cabinet, similar in style to the typical IKEA furniture (IOW, pretty plain). My initial idea is to build the cabinet with birch plywood, with edges trimmed with poplar. Finish is to be a satin black.

I've never been very pleased with my results at painted furniture, so I'm asking here for some tips/advice on how to proceed, materials to use, etc.
All help will be much appreciated!
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Personally, I would use MDF.

Sanding it until it feels smooth to touch, primer and sand again with a very fine paper, then spray.

If you're looking for a very smooth glossy finish, this will get you there a lot faster.

Build the box and the grid separate. That would make it easier to get painted to your liking.

Both are painted, you simply slide the grid into the box (carefully so you don't damage the nice new paint job) and you're done.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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