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I was able to get the paint off using some Jasco Paint and Epoxy remover. Brushed it on with a broom and pressure washed off. Wasnt fun, but worked, eventually...

So here is what I have to work with now. These stains were underlying and I cant get them off. Is there somethign that can be used to remove these stains? The 3,500 psi pressure washer didnt even touch it...

.... I want to stain it a better color and put a nice protectoant over the top of that to give it a stone/granite look.

How can I do this? Can anybody walk me through it?


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Find a concrete supply yard that carries acid stain in your area & see if they will sell it to you as a HO. Some may not, as it is intended for professional use only. The only problem with acid staining in your situation is the color pallette is mostly reserved to tans & browns.
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