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painted over wallpaper adhesive

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we have 2 bedrooms that were wallpapered, they removed the paper, but not all the adhesive, and painted over it..he tried to skim coat but the stuff bubbled, not he wants to scrape all the areas we can, THEN drywall...or skimcoat what ever you call it. Is there a quicker way to not have the skimcoat bubble??? and not have to scrape all that stuff off?
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What did he paint with?? A good oil based primer will seal the adhesive so you can mud over it. Latex primer will work with some adhesives, but not all. You'll have to scrape/sand the areas to get them reasonably smooth, re-prime and skim again. I hope he's not charging you by the hour. This is his mistake and you shouldn't have to pay for it...
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