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This makes sense to my inexperienced mind but what kind of paint is best to minimize the warping of wood? Oil or latex? Or would polyurethane do a better job?
In this case it is kiln dried (white wood) 2 x 4's that I screwed together to form a basic square frame. Then I braced the corners and added a mid brace. I'll will be covering the frame with sheet rock on both sides. They will remain in the inside of the home. Any warpage of the frames would ruin the project. The bracing of the frames will help but the extra step of painting before I screw on the sheet rock would be well worth it. Just not sure what to paint with. Hopefully some of this leftover latex I have here will work just as well as anything else since I barely have a dime for any more materials. I would sure appreciate your input.
Thank you,
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