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Paint that applies thick and dries rubbery?

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I think essentially what I'm looking for is something similar to the lining that people spray on their truck beds yet has a sort of rubbery feel to it when it dries. Under my car, and I believe most cars now, there is a sort of "undercoating" that is sprayed on to protect the undercarriage of the car from corrosion and rock damage. This coating is basically a very thick paint, maybe even as much as 1/4" in places, and it has a rubbery feel to it, so you can press into the paint and make an indentation fairly easily. The place I need to paint is the metal rail that the car jack wraps around when I lift that corner of the car up. The paint here has this rubbery feel and is applied on very thick.

I have a couple spray cans of acrylic paint that has a rubbery feel to it but its kinda tough getting the paint on thick with spray cans. I'd prefer to buy a regular can of whatever I'm going to buy so I can apply it with a roller and give it an rough texture. Also I'm sure I can find a spray can of some kind of undercoating at a auto store but I'm sure I can find a larger container and cheaper at a home improvement or paint store.

Is there a paint out there that applies very thick and dries with a rubbery feel to it so it is kind of squishy when it dries?
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