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Paint shaver pro ??? removing paint from cedar clapboards

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Ok I need to strip some paint...I have been doing it sloooooowwww with a heatgun and scraper...where have stripped and repainted its great,,,but then the area next to when I scraped it blisters,,,
Its Ben Moore Cottage red...I see the Paint Shaver pro...looks like it works great but its 800.00 !!!!
Looking for a place to rent one of find someone near Syracuse NY that does this work,,,its a small ranch,,,100sf,,,soffit an fashia is side of the house doesn't need to be touched,,,
Any help ?
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it still isnt cheap, but i went with this because i just couldnt rationalize spending 800 bucks on a paint shaver. 300.00 was still pretty steep
Yea I saw that,,,how well does it work ?? What kind of finish does it leave ?? Are you interested in renting it to me :)
The amazon reviews are spot on. It works well, takes some getting used to and the doors on the side are pretty flimsy. I put some electrical tape on them. The doors are very useful when you actually need to open them. Finish is pretty smooth. a few times, ive had to go back with some 80 to 120 grit and give it a good once over but sure as hell beats the heat gun. Been there myself and I dont wanna go back.

I'm not in the rental business, sorry bud. I would say however, that Amazon is really good at taking stuff back. If you buy it and don't like it (it broke), you can just send it back on their dime and get your money back.
do you still use it or want to sell it ?? Are the carbide inserts standard ?
I've never tried one, but I hear the infrared removal tools are great. Hopefully a fellow painter on here can review it's productivity and give a recommendation.


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still use it from time to time. I live in a 1926 cape. Someone before me used latex over oil base (or is it the reverse?) and just about every door, baseboard, exterior surface is all allegatoring. Since its an old house, i only use this tool when i feel like prying the baseboards outside. I'm positive there is led based paint under all these layers.

You have to buy the metabo carbide blades, also found on amazon
Adam, would this work good on smooth cedar clapboards ??? Only like 3 layers of paint ??

Would you have a dull/scrap carbide insert you could send me ?
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