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Paint removal from concrete in basement

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Hey anyone,

I need to remove many layers, about 5, of paint from the foundation wall of my 1000sq ft basement, in my 1900 year old house. It's along story, but an idiot painted them with an exterior paint (this is an interior) that I'm highly allergic to. I tested the peel away one on the walls and it worked well, took off all the paint in the test strip. I am concerned about using such a large amount of a caustic product in my interior space. There is a basement drain, but I'm assuming that all of the floor paint will come up if I wash the residue of the peel away product off the walls. I am, also, concerned about neutralizing with the acetic acid (it's required to get the ph down so that repainting will stick, the msds makes it sound pretty nasty. I've looked into sandblasting but it's huge amount of space in a big space with some potentially old paint.

Anybody used this product on a large space in an interior space? Advice? Contraindications. Help!!!! Thanks
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Are you sure you aren't allergic to something else? If the paint has been on for several years, everything that was going to outgas should have done so by now. All the alternatives (Peel Away + acid, or, encapsulating with BIN) involve more highly nasty-smelling steps.

Well, I think your best bet would be to encapsulate the paint with BIN, and then topcoat with a low-VOC interior paint. (Either SW Duration or BM Aura would be good choices.) You WILL need a respirator to apply the BIN. The odor dissipates quickly, but it will choke you while it's there... The BIN will block just about anything from leeching through.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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