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Paint over wood cabinets

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I need to paint over my wood cabinets to give a fresh look. How can I do this? Is there any special paint needed.
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I am in the process of painting my cabinets. I sanded them real good and then cleaned them with tsp and now am using an oil base primer and then oil based paint. The doors are real hard to get to look nice so I bought a hvlp sprayer and it is working great. Well worth the investment in my opinion.
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Just finished redoing bathroom cabinets and countertop.

As most will tell you, sand lightly the cabinets, then apply a good primer ( used XIM) which I have used on formica and wood cabinets in the past. Then you can apply a good quality paint probably in the kitchen a semi gloss latex will work fine. You can spray the doors and drawers very easily however if you want the look of old nostalgic cabinetry you should brush. You might want to add some Flotrol to the paint to eliminate much of the brush marks and allow the paint to dry a little slower.

And after much research and trial and error, We also just finished painting the formica counter top. It turned out great! And saved us hundreds of dollars over a new counter top not to mention the labor.
any pics of counter & cabs?

Woodhamer, do you have any pics of that counter top? We are in the planing stage of redoing our kitchen. We are planing to get new doors and drawer fronts after painting the cabinets white. We don't know what to do about the counters.
Thanks, Rose
I need to paint over my wood cabinets to give a fresh look. How can I do this? Is there any special paint needed.
What is the current finish on the cabinets?
Mine were painted already, but from the 50's
I stripped them primed & painted
I took the doors off & painted them while flat for the best finish
Painted Countertop

Here are a couple pictures for the vanity and counter top. The cabinets were originally almond with Oak tops typical 80'2 style cabinets. I added lattice strips to the doors and drawers and replaced the oak front edge of the countertop with a decorative molding.

If you need instructions on how to paint the countertop let me know.



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