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Paint is peeling off when I lift masking tape! Help!

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I painted before, but never had such a problem. Painted the bedroom and bath..and taped the ceiling with 2" 3M masking tape. I ran out of the role before I finished bedroom and after I finished bath. Went to Lowe's and bought brand new roll of 3M, taped the other 3 sides of the ceiling, painted walls, but when I pulled off the old tape it left glue residue on the ceiling and was pulling of some of the wall paint with it too. The new 3M tape I applied did not stick that much and I have less of the problem.
I still don't even dare to pull off the old tape from bathroom ceiling as I am sure it will do the same damage.
It is a disaster.. What should I do? How do I fix the spots where paint is pulled off without repainting the whole room? Thanks.
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Not much you can do. pull the rest of the tape carefully trying not to damage the finish paint and you are going to have to touchup.

If it is a flat paint on the ceiling you will probably be able to get away with a touchup in the bad areas. if the paint that pulled off was thick you will have to skim coat and paint. hopefully you have some material left from the original gallon you used, it will help when trying to spot paint. if the ceiling is a sheen you will probably see the touchups when not directly under them (try adding a little water to the paint, it helps it to blend)

My advice, learn how to cut a line with a brush and stop using tape.
yea, pretty much. remember when you patch it, it is easier to apply a 2nd or 3rd thin coat of joint compound than sand off a pancake.

pull your patches tight and hit them more than once.
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